Labour First – Doing what they think is right whether anyone likes it or not

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Some of may have read the story I posted Luke Akehurst from “Labour First” claims to have already “fixed” the Labour Annual Conference.  Labour District and Town Councillor for East Folkstone, and prospective Parliamentary candidate Claire Jeffrey did!

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She decided to make a reply to the publication tweet, showing friendship and solidarity with Luke Akehurst.  No problem – I enjoy a civilised debate as much as the next guy.  I was fairly confident that we occupied the moral high ground, and tried to confirm her position on some of Akehurst’s more dubious postings… [Source]

claire jeffrey labour first

After a long time, still no reply.  So I tried another question, regarding “Progress” and “Saving Labour”.

You might remember there was a scandal in the middle of July where “Saving Labour” were caught using people’s personal details without their permission. Access to the membersnet system had to be restricted and it hit the main-stream news. (Evidence mounts that laws may have been broken in the Labour leadership campaign – The Canary).

I was on “Saving Labour” mailing list at the time, and they sent me instructions on exactly what to do. [Link]  I presented them to Councillor Jeffrey and asked for a comment.  After all, she was a staunch self-confessed believer in him.  Her reply was slow, but shocking.

clare jeffrey questions and reply

That was it.  “and?????”

As in, are you going to say anything interesting?

I would be surprised if a Conservative was this brazen in their open contempt for party discipline and the Data Protection Act.  To see a Labour Councillor act in this way beggars belief.

I replied to her by simply saying “wow”, and she promptly deleted her post.  Half an hour later, this appeared on her tweets:

clare-jeffrey-retweet to prova a point

Absolutely unbelievable.  Not only is Luke Akehurst championing a right-wing campaign to drive the socialists out of Labour by any means necessary, he enjoys the complete support of friends such as this.

She never got around to replying to my third query.  Luke Akehurst specifically stated that MPs that are worried about losing their jobs due to democratic process will be inclined to overthrow the leaders, in order to install someone who will circumvent that process so they can keep their job. [Source]  YES HE SAID THAT AND POSTED ON LABOURLIST

claire jeffrey overthrow

Can they stop pretending that this isn’t a right-wing coup now?

J Simpkin

Name changed, now @CultOfIntegrity on twitter


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