A Smith supporting Councillor asks “Where is the evidence” and it backfires

In this article I will provide an evidence chain confirming that “Labour First” are plotters, and that they were responsible for compliance referrals

Firstly, sorry for posting more information about Luke Akehurst on this page.  This is in response to a direct request made on Twitter.

[Edit: Comrade Hammond has reviewed this evidence and refuses to accept that there is a plot.  In the nature of presenting both sides, he believes that Akehurst is talking about the next leadership challenge, and therefore it is not plotting.  I think he is being wilfully ignorant.

The original title of this piece was “As requested: Evidence that labour plotters are behind membership revocation“]

The query:GeorgeHammond request 1

GeorgeHammond request 2

Background information:

Luke Akehurst is the secretary of the group “Labout First”.  He frequently posts onto the site LabourList, and sends out emails to the Labour First mailing list.

Proof that Akehurst is a plotter:

This is what he wrote on the 13th of July and published here [Link]


This is Akehurst’s own words. It shows that he sees the Labour leadership challenge as a means to remove Corbyn, and that he is willing to repeat the same tactic in a battle of attrition to remove him from power.

Proof that Akehurst’s plotting is a serious long term plan

This is Akehurst reinforcing the notion that he is ideologically opposed to the Left-wing of the Labour party, and laying out a clear and long-term plan to move the Labour party to the political right wing.

Please note the term Seize as applied to the Labour leadership.  The source is here:

Luke Akehurst: My blueprint for how moderates can seize the Labour leadership… next time around May 2016

akehursts masterplan

This, I hope, is sufficient evidence that Akehurst is a “plotter”.  I mean, that is a extremely carefully thought out and planned plot.

Further evidence that this article is being actioned rather than whimsical prose; the book mentioned at the end of point 2 is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alternative-Towards-New-Progressive-Politics/dp/1785900498

Other books soon to be released by the same publishing house:

Proof that Akehurst’s plot to remove Corbyn has some reasons other than lack of confidence

In this damning article, Akehurst see fit to tell the world that members of parliament that fear losing their jobs as a result of a democratic process will be inclined to overthrow the leader of the party so they can install a different leader that will circumvent that democratic process [Source]

akehurst deselection2

This is completely unacceptable, undemocratic and corrupt.

So far, I hope that I have given direct evidence, using his own words, that Akehurst is a plotter, and not simply someone who thinks that Corbyn didn’t campaign hard enough in Johnson’s Remain campaign


Part 2: Proof of Akehurst’s gerrymandering and complicity in the purge

I promised you a chain of evidence, Councillor, that proved that Labour plotters could be blamed for the removal of Labour voters from the electorate

In an email sent to myself on the 21st of July, Akehurst specified a method of locking CLP members out of candidate nomination meetings.  This was a very unpopular move in the CLPs it was adopted in.  [Tweet showing angry constituent]

clp nomination meetings


And at last, the gerrymandering

And the final part of the evidence chain is the message sent to hundreds of thousands of right-wing members giving details of new broader, open ended methods for which people could be reported to validation and thereby having their vote removed.  As you can see, under these guidelines someone can be removed from the party for saying that they “F***ing love the Foo Fighters”, as was done.

akehurst reporting abuse and infiltration

So Comrade, I hope that I have laid out evidence that at least one (particularly prolific) plotter was responsible for the purge.  If you feel that any part of this evidence chain is weak, please let me know and I will endeavour to strengthen it.

In solidarity

J Simpkin

Name changed, now @CultOfIntegrity on twitter



15 thoughts on “A Smith supporting Councillor asks “Where is the evidence” and it backfires

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  2. Thus only spells out Akhurst part in the coup, we have evidence of # saving Lanour and Angela4leader domains being set up before Benn resigned.

    The telegraph reported the coup plans a few months before it happened, we know that one of the whips, McGuinn was organising the hourly resignations which were planned in advance. We know that subsequently, Blunkett set up the company Labour Tomorrow with others with a starting fighting fund of £250,000 to pay people to blog, campaign and become activists. One such blogger, Murray was outed on fb. We know the role Portland Communications have had in PR exercises and stunts to discredit Corbyn and members.

    This coup was a long time in planning, even John Mann twitted this. Tory MPs have said they have been approached to push for an early election so Corbyn could be defeated. There are other moves being made by Chukka Umma too. The constant briefing in the Tory press from day one of corbyns leadership was also part of this.

  3. I can quite believe it but can I just ask where the source for this evidence is from? Ie where did you actually see this with regard to his written plan? Just asking as its useful to know before using it


  4. Hey.
    Nice work friend. This attempt to usurp democracy is disgraceful. Wish they could just accept that it is over for them. The people of Britain want honest representation, how is this such a threat?

  5. It would appear that these ‘guidelines’ are being sent to selective individuals to act as ‘harvesters’ or ‘informants’ because, as an elected EC member of my local CLP, I am unaware of this directive or recruitment process, except that I strongly suspect that one or two members in my CLP are actually doing such work.

  6. I hate to break this to you, but this isn’t an ‘evidence chain’, this is republishing widely disseminated emails that don’t really shed light on anything. Sorry.

  7. It is utterly ridiculous and showing that certain people of the Labour Party see it as a bad thing they are gaining members and popularity.

    Also tiny but if advice for the “anyone but Corbyn” campaign. Choose someone who has a record that banks his words. Its not hard, if they want to say “I care about disabled people.” make sure there votes in parliament actualy back this up. It isn’t hard in these days of wonderful Internet to find out how people voted.

    Owen Smith priced to be a list when he used a bunch of disabled people in a photo opportunity to prove how much he cares about us however his voting record prices be only cares about what good press we can do for him.

    So they not realise the reason why so many people like Corbyn is because of be says something, you can see a very clear voting record that he actually means it? If they could find another politician who could actually say things that are backed by evidence, challenging Corbyn might actually have a point.

    Otherwise we know that people like this are like the other Tristram Hunts of the world. Believe that Labour Party members are idiots who need to be lead by their betters.

    Also another thing that would be nice. The rules being used to purge new members (yes good way to gain support, get rid of it…) should be just as ruthlessly applied to MPs and donors. However I know that won’t happen as does like this are for ordinary folk, mps and people with his piles of cash, are, as per usual, given a different set of rules.

  8. I find it totally abhorrent that these people are trying their hardest to stop the democratic process from happening, I have further evidence to add to this possibly if I can find it comrade simpkin please pm me I hope to provide you with some other evidence to back it up and it goes as far as one candidate being actively involved with one member of the compliance
    Brilliant article, well researched and well written

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